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||श्री सीताराम ||

Supreme Generosity of Śrī Rāma

A devotee who is in love with Lord Rama in Madhurya-Rasa, asked me to elaborate more on Rama's Aaudarya GuNa (generosity). So, here a page is uploaded to elucidate on Param-Aaudarya-Guna (the supreme generosity) of Lord Rama from scriptures. Jatayu Moksha

Goswami Tulsidas says in Vinay-Patrika:

ऐसो को उदार जग माहीं ।
बिनु सेवा जो द्रवै दीनपर राम सरिस कोउ नाहीं ॥ १ ॥
जो गति जोग बिराग जतन करि नहिं पावत मुनि ग्यानी ।
सो गति देत गीध सबरी कहँ प्रभु न बहुत जिय जानी ॥ २ ॥
जो संपति दस सीस अरप करि रावन सिव पहँ लीन्हीं ।
सो संपदा बिभीषन कहँ अति सकुच\-सहित हरि दीन्ही ॥ ३ ॥
तुलसिदास सब भाँति सकल सुख जो चाहसि मन मेरो ।
तौ भजु राम, काम सब पूरन करै कृपानिधि तेरो ॥ ४ ॥

Is there anyone so generous in the whole world who melts (out of love and compassion) on the distressed who were never in his service? there is none like Rama.[1]

The destination which even sages and the J~nanis do not get after performing penance and non-attachment for ages, Rama gifted that destination (the supreme abode Saket-Loka) to the vulture King Jatayu and Sabari and Yet he (Rama) did not consider it to be enough in his mind. [2]

The prosperity that Ravana obtained from Shiva after offering his ten heads, Rama gave that affluence to VibhishaNa with extreme hesitation thinking even this is not enough to be given to VibhishaNa. [3]

Tulasdasa says, O my mind, if you want all pleasures in all ways,then sing of Rama, and the ocean of compassion will fulll all your desires. [4]

- Lord Rama is so supremely generous that He didn't care who truly deserved or not, He brought all citizens to the supreme abode! No such things have been seen in any god or the god of gods except Rama. This Param-Audarya-guNa (supreme generosity) is only found in prince charming of Ayodhya!

Lets see How he bestowed the supreme abode even to those who caused separation from his beloved consort:

प्रनवउँ पुर नर-नारि बहोरी । ममता जिन्ह पर प्रभुहि न थोरी ॥
सिय निंदक अघ ओघ नसाए । लोक बिसोक बनाइ बसाए ॥
(श्री रामचरितमानस बालकाण्ड १६.१ )

Goswami Tulsidas says: I bow to the men and women of the city of AyodhyA, who enjoy the affection of the Lord in no small degree. Even though they were damned as a result of the heap of sins incurred by the calumniators of Sita, still they were lodged by the Lord in His supreme Abode, out of His great affection on them, having being divested of sorrow. [Ramcharitmanas Bala-Kanda 16.1]

Lord Rama was so generous even on those sinners who talked ill about his dearest consort Sita, the most dear to him more than his own soul and thus those sinners hurt the most benevolent lord and his dearest consort Sita! Still He didn't think about their grievous sins and brought all back to his abode i.e. back to godhead!

sa yaiḥ spṛṣṭo 'bhidṛṣṭo vā
saḿviṣṭo 'nugato 'pi vā
kosalās te yayuḥ sthānaḿ
yatra gacchanti yoginaḥ
[Shrimad Bhagavata 9-11-22]

Those people of Kosala (Ayodhya) who touched Lord Rāma, or even just saw Him; whether they ate alongwith the Lord or slept alongside Him or just followed Him for few steps even, all those supreme fortunate ones departed to that supreme abode wherein all bhakti-yoga practitioners go to. [Shrimad Bhagavata 9-11-22]

In Valmiki Ramayana, a detail description has been given that even straws, trees etc i.e. immobile living beings and creatures like insects, beasts birds, Humans, any living being on earth who followed Rama at the time of Leela-Samvaran (completion of the Avatar-leela), were brought back to the supreme abode by Lord Rama. Such is the supreme generosity of Lord Rama who didn't care about who deserved AND who didn't!

Valmiki Ramayana says Lord Rama bestows only one time, and that's enough for the seeker, means He bestows so much and more than the seeker could hope, at the very first time that nothing remains to be asked for the second time.

A great saint of Ayodhya, Saketvasi YugalAnanya-sharaNa MahArAja says in his book named 'Raghuvar-GuNa-DarpaN' about Param-Audarya-GuNa (the supreme generosity of Lord Rama):-

अब रघुवर्यभूषण जी के परम-उदार गुण का वर्णन किया जाता है |

पात्र , अपात्र और देश काल को बिना बिचारे हीं जो याचकमात्र को मनवांछित से से अधिक देना, यही श्री कौशल्यानंदन जी की परम् -उदारता है (औदार्य गुण ) |

Yugalananya SharaNa says: Now I elucidate the supreme generosity of Raghuvarya-bhushan (Shri Rama).

The enhancer of Kaushalya's happiness, Shri Kaushalyanand-Vardhan bestows more than that a seeker could even hope, and THAT too without even considering whether seeker deserves or doesn't, is a devotee or non-devotee, and other things like time and place.

यह केवल इन्ही में पाया जाता है औरों में यह केवल छाया-मात्र है ! श्रीमहाराज कुमार जी की सारी संपत्ति स्नेही याचक ब्राह्मण भाट नट और देवताओं ने मिलकर भोग की, केवल यश-मात्र ही युगल-सरकार ने अंगीकार किया | सरकार को दिन-रात देना हीं भाता है, और क्षण भर भी दिए सरकार का मन स्थिर नहीं रहता |

Such supreme generosity is found [to full extent] only and only in Lord Rama, and in rest all others [other gods], it is mere shadow of Rama (means: in other gods, it is partially manifested as reflection of Rama only). All the immense prosperity and affluence of Shri Maharaj-Kumar Ji (Rama) was enjoyed by his lovers, Brahmina, Bhaat, Nata and gods, and however Shri Rama accepted only fame!

The sweet prince Rama (Sarkaar) loves to bestow only all the time, and without bestowing for a single moment his heart doesn't remain fairly content. (Such is the generosity of Shri RaghuvIra, the most compassionate, the most benovolent one!)

श्री रघुवीर जी ने नित्य-विभूति (साकेत में) में भिक्षुक का अभाव देख अपनी लीला-विभूति में प्रकट होने के समय संकल्प किया कि प्रकट हो कर सब जीवों को बिना कुछ साधन किये हीं भवसागर पार करा दूँगा | इस प्रकार का संकल्प जब सरकार के ह्रदय-कुञ्ज से आविर्भूत हुआ , तब धर्म-संस्थापक समस्त वेद-संहिता पुरानादिकों सहित ब्रह्मादि इश्वर तक आये और हाथ जोड़े सम्मुख हो बार बार विनय करने लगे कि हे सर्व-धर्मज्ञ-शिरोमणि , हे सनातन-स्वसेतु-रक्षक, आपके औदार्य गुण के अधिकता से यह जो विलक्षण संकल्प हुआ है वह किसी प्रकार योग्य नहीं हैं, इस से आपकी स्थापित मर्यादा मिट जायेगी | जिस से राग-द्वेष धर्म-अधर्म स्वर्ग-नरक शुभ-अशुभ बने रहे वही काम सरकार दीनो पर कृपा-कटाक्ष करके करे | और जो आपके भक्त वा प्रपन्न (शरणागत) थोड़े भी हों, उन्हें आप अपने पद में लीन करें, यही हम लोगो का परं अभीष्ट है |

As all are completely satisfied in Nitya-Vibhuti (Saket-Loka), there is none who seeks anything (as he is all time available to Mukta-souls/liberated ones) in his eternal-abode (Saket-Loka), still He wants to bestow more and more, So, while appearing in his Leela-Vibhuti i.e. manifested Ayodhya in material realm, he thought he would bring all Jiva-s to his supreme abode even if Jiva-s would have not done any Sadhana (made any effort for supreme one) [that doesn't matter to all merciful supremely generous Rama!].

When this supremely amazing determination originated in the heart of supreme personality of Godhead Rama; then all Vedas-Puranas-Samhitas taking the form of gods, along with BrahmA and other gods with joined palms in reverence, appeared in front of Lord Rama to request again and again [in these words] - " O' Lord! the best knower of all forms of Dharma, You are the protector of the great bridge [in the form of] eternal-Dharma [the means for Jiva-s to achieve the supreme destination] which was once established by you alone [ and whenever Dharma is in peril, it is you who protect it], because of yours' supreme generosity, such a supremely amazing Sankalpa has come in your heart ; O' Lord, however it is not fit to you in any manner to transgress the established Maryada [nobility which is established by you alone] - O' Lord! You grace us with your benign look so that there would remain the [relative] importance of Dharma & Adharma, good & bad, heaven & hell ; O' Lord! You bestow your supreme abode to only those who are devoted to you in any manner or who have taken your refuge" - thus prayed by BrahmA and other gods.

(Brahma and other gods are praying again and again to Lord Rama that just because of your supreme generosity, please don't bestow your supreme abode to those who don't deserve it in any way otherwise people would not be engaged in virtues and pious duties.)

यह स्नेह-विनयसानी वाणी सुनकर परम्-कृपालु श्री रघुनन्दन जी ने उन सबों को आश्वासन दे के विदा किया | इसके पश्चात आविर्भूत (अयोध्यापति राम रूप में) हो अनेक विचित्र लीलाओं द्वारा अमितजनों को अपने पद (साकेत लोक) में आरहोण कराया और श्री कृपालु जी ने श्री अवधमंडल मात्र के वासी ऊँच-नीच किट-पतंग सबों को नित्य-विभूति (साकेत लोक) में अनायास हीं प्रवेश कराया | देखिये कि यद्यपि वेदादिकों (शास्त्र-मर्यादा के भय से) ने बहुत प्रार्थना की, तो भी अपने उदारता-गुण के आवेश में आ अवधवासियों को संग ले हीं गए ऐसी उदारता न तो किसी ईश में न किसी परेश में न अवतारों में हीं पायी जाती है अतः जो विवेक-प्रज्ञा- समपन्न हैं , उन के हीं ये परम-उदार-चूड़ामडी उपास्य हैं और होने योग्य हैं और तो सभी कृपणता-युक्त हैं, वे उपासको के मनोरथो को क्या पूर्ण करेंगे ?

After listening such humble affectionate prayer of gods, Lord Rama assured them [that He will do the best] and sent them back to their abodes. Then Lord appeared on earth as prince charming of Dasratha and through many divine pastimes, the most benevolent Lord sent innumerable Jiva-s in his eternal abode Saket-Loka. All merciful Lord Rama, by his causeless mercy, bestowed the supreme eternal abode even to insects, straws, beasts, birds, humans, demons, etc [at the time of Leela-Samvaran]. Such is the supreme generosity of Lord Rama, even after being prayed a lot by Vedas-Shastras and gods not to do so, he ultimately bestowed his supreme mercy, He brought all citizens to his supreme abode,[all those who had come in Ayodhya from all over earth went to his supreme abode along with him]. Except Rama, such kind of supreme generosity is not found and seen in any god (ईश) or the god of gods (परेश) or incarnation (अवतार).

Such magnanimous and supremely generous Lord Rama is and also he alone is fit to be Ishta-Deva and Upasya for all those who are endowed with fine intellect! Rest all others (gods) are parsimonious in someways, would they really fulfill the wishes of their devotees?

इस गुण के अनुसंधान से "जो बड़े बड़े महान हैं उन्ही को अपनी उदारता से अपनाकर श्री रघुनन्दन जी उनके मनोरथो को पूर्ण करते हैं, हम सरीखे अल्प-सुकृतियों के मनोरथो को यथार्थतः पुरा नहीं करेंगे" यह शंका बहुत दूर उड़ गयी , जैसे प्रबल वायु से तूल आदि खोजने पे भी नहीं मिलते |

So contemplating on this KalyAn-GuNa (supreme generosity) of Lord Rama, this doubt - "Only great devotees are accepted by Lord Rama, and He will not bless our hopes, the hopes of the most fallen and useless souls like us who have very less virtue" - is completely blown up indeed as like a straw after being blown up in the strong-storm, can't be found again even on repetitive search.

परम उदार बिहारपर , परतम राजकुमार |
भजहि कृपणता दुरि करि, सुखसहिता गुणसार ||

Lord Rama is the supremely generous personality; the most superior our prince Rama is! So be devoted to him alone whose devotion is the mine of all blessings, after removing all doubts from the heart.

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